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The only Beer League Hockey you´ll ever need

Athens, Greece


Hamburger Cup

Malmö, Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden

Hamburger Cup 2nd edition 2020

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We are a small company with big ambitions!

Our idea is that for a lower price arrange top-notch tournaments for you and your team, wherever you want to go and play! For example we always incl hotel, breakfast, lunches on game days and at least 2 dinners with drinks,airport pickup/drop off on every tournament we arrange. We always try to make sure that you can leave your equipment in the lockers or arena over nights.


I´m sure you will be 100% Satisfied if you go to one of ours tournament, so why don´t give it a try??


Örbygatan 16
Uppsala, Sweden

Our hours

10:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

Contact us

Phone: +46 739868629
Email: patrik@propertyofjernberg.se